Sunday, July 31, 2005

Suck it Trebek!

Buddy Groom can suck my balls. That's really all I have to say about that story.

Today was a great win for the Yanks, and taking 2 of 3 from the LA Santa Barbara Encino Hollywood SoCal Newport Beach Anaheim Angels makes for an excellent weekend. Especially after they took 3 of 4 last weekend in Anaheim.

Kinda disappointed by the lack of movement at the trading deadline this year. I do think the Cubs got a steal trading Gerut for Lawton, who has a .380 OBP and is the leadoff hitter they need. Other than that, not too much happened. I knew the Sux wouldn't trade Space Cadet Manny unless they got Cameron and like half of the Mets farm system, and I also figured the Devil Dogs wouldn't get him because they are allergic to winning and having good players.

This summer (and baseball season) is flying by.....

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Finally got the iPod today.

I am very excited.

Manny the Space Cadet

As if disappearing into the Green Monster (aka A-Rod/Sheff's bitch) during pitching changes wasn't enough, I just heard another disturning item about this douche. Apparently with FuckerTrot on the DL and with various other injuries, the Sux asked Man-Ram to play yesterday night against the Devil Dogs even though he had a scheduled day off. He refused and said he wasn't ready to play. I guess when you're paying someone $20 million a year to play a kid's game it's too much to ask them to show up every day ready to play. What a joke. Why does anyone root for this guy?

Quick question for Yanks fans: Would you want Griffey in CF this year? He's having a nice year, injury-free as well. I almost got goose bumps watching that dinger he hit last night at Dodger Stadium. I personally would be in favor, even with his injury history. And that's coming from a Bernie Williams fan.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Before anybody asks, no. No I don't watch that show, it's on the WB. The WB is boycotted. Ick.

Nice job by the kid though.....oops, he's not a kid, he's like 33 yrs old or something. Still did a nice job for someone with 1,700 career minor league innings and not an MLB appearance since 1996.

Giambi's first HR should have been caught, at least from what the replays showed. Now I know on a difficulty scale of 1-10 that kind of a catch is an 11, but it looked like Sarge Jr. just missed it or it tipped off his glove. And his jump was poorly timed. Ok, I'm going to stop talking like I could have made the catch now.

Nice to see Jorge go upper tank.

I'm watching the A's and the LA Santa Barbara Orange County Encino Compton Newport Beach Anaheim Angels right now, and it looks to me (even though it's only the bottom of the 2nd as I type this) like Zito is back to form. He's throwing harder and his curveball is dropping off the table even more than it usually is. Not good for the rest of the AL West. If he starts to suck after this is posted I'll take the blame for jinxing him. The hippie.

Didn't take long for the Pistons to grab Flip Saunders did it?

I hope they raise that dickhead Kenny Rogers' suspension by another 10 games. What a douche.

Don't know if anyone out there is playing fantasy football this year but I have to brag about something. I scheduled an online draft and then completely forgot about it until a few days later. I assumed my team would suck. As it turns out, I had the first pick in the draft and got Peyton Manning. Yay. This will be the first time ever that I will have a better than decent QB. Maybe I'll actually be decent this year.

I wish my iPod would hurry up and get here, it was shipped last Thursday dammit! I'm getting that JBL On Stage thingy free with it too so that should be cool. I'm anxious to get a new toy to play with.

I'm sick of the SportsCenter 50 states in 50 days thing already. Enough useless side-story garbage! Get to the highlights! Get rid of it! Wait, before you do that can you fire Chris Berman or at least give him a job where he's not on TV? Pleeeeeeeeease?

No Small Task

I feel bad for Moose, who pitched his ass off. Franklin only has over a 12 ERA, was anyone surprised?

Aaron Small takes the hill tonight against the Rangers. It should be interesting to say the least. Hopefully he keeps them under 5or 6 runs so we have a chance, but I'm not feeling optimistic. If the Rangers had one ace in their starting 5, they would be very scary in the playoffs; since they don't, they can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

I wonder what would happen if Oakland started playing for real on Opening Day instead of mid-June?

Kind of excited for NFL training camps to open in a few days, my Bears are one of the first to open on Sunday. Maybe they'll turn things around this year. I'm assuming most of my fellow Yankee bloggers are either Giants or Jets fans, which is cool. I'm a big Shockey fan and I also still have my Vinny jersey from when he was with the Jets.

By the way Knicks fans, do you really want Larry Brown as your head coach? I gained a lot of respect for him when he beat the Lakers but gave it all back during the playoffs this past year. This is a guy who was meeting with Lebron James before PISTONS playoff games asking him about the Cavs job. That's ridiculous. Detroit should get Flip Saunders and they'll still be the best team in the East.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Savior my ass!

Ha! Nice job Schilling! You got a great standing ovation from the crowd and then what? Sheff hits one of the hardest balls I've ever seen off the wall for a double. Then A-Rod (aka Trot Nixon's best friend) hits an absolute bomb off of you. Then Mo comes in in the 9th, sits down Hippie, Overrated, and Fatass and it's game over. Welcome back dickhead! Maybe it's time to hang 'em up and go run for mayor or govenor or something since we all know that gives you a boner just thinking about it.


So yeah, the 2nd half has started off nicely.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I'm almost glad I missed the Derby tonight because I had to work, but only really because I think Chris Berman should be shot. Other than that, judging by the highlights it looks like it was an entertaining night.

- Bobby Abreu won't be known as "the underrated Bobby Abreu" anymore. Not after he put 24 in the seats in the 1st round. And 41 total. Impressive.

- Props to Pudge for making it to the finals. I said he didn't belong even though the game is in his hometown but he did well. And by the way, you don't lose all that weight just because your diet is better. Can't even call him Pudge anymore.

- Jason Bay proved that Canada sucks. Hosers.

- I thought Ortiz would do better than he did but then again with the notable exception of 2004, the Sux usually flame out in the end anyway. So I guess you can't really be surprised with his performance.

It looks like Selig popped a boner when discussing the baseball tournament to the press. What a douche. Right now I couldn't be less excited about it, mainly because of all the injuries (especially to the pitchers) that will happen because of this. Oh well, I guess we'll see what happens.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Good day

Always a good day when the Yanks win and the Sux lose.

Was it stranger to see the A's sweep the White Sox, or the M's sweep the Angels? I say the M's sweep since the A's have been playing better as of late.

Mid-season predictions (or just some random thoughts):

- Derrek Lee will just miss out on the Triple Crown by not winning the RBI title. Carlos Lee will continue his pace because he has better hitters in front of him like Brady Clark and Rickie Weeks.

- The AL wildcard will NOT come out of the AL East. That's just a gut feeling more than anything, as the Twins and Indians are much better than the White Sox are making them look by having a big lead in the division.

- There will be 358 columns written in newspapers, magazines, and websites about how bad the NL West is. Not that I disagree.

- Barry Bonds won't come back this year. Again, more of a hunch but why would he consider it? The Giants are 37-50 at the break, and certainly will be looking to get rid of guys like Jason Schmidt, Omar Vizquel, etc. Who knows if he'll have another setback between now and mid-August and if he does there's just no reason to risk throwing him out in LF.

- Greg Maddux won't get to 15 wins for the first time since 1987. Now I hope this doesn't happen because it's a hell of a streak, but his ERA is around 5 as we speak and run support can be an issue with the Cubbies (with the exception of Sunday's game).

- Jason Giambi will have a productive 2nd half and will once again be a fixture in the Yanks lineup. I hope. At least he's on the right track.

- Someone will hit a line drive off of Curt Schilling's forehead. I hope.

- The Braves will win the NL East again. I know I know, the Nationals had a great first half, but I'm not picking against the Braves until they give me reason to, and that hasn't happened since 1990.

- The Astros will make a move to get another bat in their lineup and make the playoffs. For their sake, they better not be thinking Kevin Millar is that bat.

- The Red Sux will fold down the stretch and the Yanks will take the division. Now obviously I'm biased but even if I wasn't a Yanks fan I would still be leaning that way. The Sux had their year last year; now it's time things got back to normal.

The Yanks will win the Series. I hope.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Long fly ball derby

So I've been thinking about this ever since I found out that the All-Star Game would be in Detroit; how cool would it be to have the HR Derby in good ol' Tiger Stadium? I know that it's old, dirty, and would need some fixing up before anything could take place there but I think it's a good idea. Does anyone really want to see the Derby at Comerica Park? Lots of long fly balls that would die in the power alleys, thats no fun. I want to see balls hit onto the roof or off those massive light fixtures ala Reggie Jackson.

By the way, the format this year for the Derby has got to be the worst idea ever. I like Pudge and all, and I know it's in Detroit, but he has 5 HOME RUNS THIS YEAR!!!!! This sounded like a GOOD idea to someone? And Hee Seop Choi? Are you kidding? Jones, Ortiz, Lee and I guess Teixeira are deserving for sure but this is by far the weakest lineup for a HR Derby we'll ever see. This format is not going to get people excited for the World Cup or whatever it's called anyway, just like the "This time it counts" doesn't generate excitement--at least not for me.